Together Forever

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Together Forever

If you ever get a chance to find that special someone, don’t let them go. Cherish them forever like your life depended on it. Make them feel loved. Love them fully and no matter what happens, what matters is you and your beloved. Don’t wait until everything is perfect to make things happen because all that matters is you and the person you love. Continue reading “Together Forever”

First Grader Fights Back From Homophobic Street Preacher

First grader fights back from homophobic street preacher

There is hope in the coming generation. Back then, it is even unheard of for children to fight back against their elders and let alone a preacher. Sometimes, non-religious figures act as the better man/woman, and in this case, the new generation prevails. See how a first grader fights back a homophobic street¬†preacher. Continue reading “First Grader Fights Back From Homophobic Street Preacher”

What Makes Someone A Transgender Person?

Trans Pride flag

I had a conversation with two¬†of my friends today while watching the Nancy Grace segment on the HLN Network about Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) and her transition from being male to female. There was a question that one of my friends brought up. She asked, “what is she? does she have a penis?” Continue reading “What Makes Someone A Transgender Person?”

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