Anatomy Of An Asian Tomboy

One of the categories in Asian fashion that interest me the most the category of Asian Tomboys.

So, what is exactly is an Asian Tomboy? 

An Asian tomboy is someone who is female and Asian. This person does not dress like a girl for the most part. They bind their breasts in various ways, such as using a vest, duct tape, ace wrap, etc. They dress like guys, look like guys, and are usually mistake to be guys, and many girls go crazy for them to the point where they think they’re “turning lesbian” because they start liking these girls dressed as guys.

Asian Tomboys are not necessarily lesbian, but a majority of them usually are lesbian. They have awesome haircuts. Their fashion is so amazing. Okay, I’m probably digressing here a bit, but I am just amazed at how open  Asian tomboys are, and how they enjoy just being themselves. Kudos to every Asian tomboy in the world who are comfortable to dress up and be comfortable with themselves.

So what are some differences between Asian Tomboys and Western Tomboys?
  • First of all, Western tomboys have larger chests. Asian tomboys have flatter chests, especially when they bind.
  • Asian Tomboys tend to be more over the top when they dress up, especially the hair, where majority of Asian tomboys have the “Asian mullet” hairstyle.
An Asian tomboy can like different things. Some tomboys prefer “guy stuff”, and some tomboys still prefer “girly” things. A tomboy’s fashion does not restrict a person from what they prefer, and by preferring guy’s fashion, this does not mean that they only like “guy stuff”.
Not surprisingly, many straight girls go crazy for these Asian tomboys, and when I came across various youtube videos of Asian tomboy picture slideshows, many girls leave comments such as the following:
  • “Sometimes I even doubt if I am straight because these girls are sooo HOTT!! <3″
  • “Are they really girls? I wish they’re guys OMG”
  • “Now that I think of it, I think I’m turning lesbian because of them”
  • “I wish my boyfriend is as hot as them. It would be better if they were my boyfriend”
  • “They’re girls? 0.o They can so pass as guys!”
It is not surprising that many guys feel threatened by these tomboys if many straight girls say those statements about Asian tomboys.
At the end of the day, Asian tomboys are cool, still cool, and are a hell lot of pure awesomeness today and in the future. As the Asian tomboy fashion statement and culture grows and gains more popularity, only one thing is certain, and that is to be able to be comfortable with how you dress in the style you want despite much criticism, just do not think of what other people may think and just be yourself. It all comes down to that. Just be yourself.

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