Coming Out in 2009 vs 2018

When I first came out back in 2009, I was only 18 years old studying in college. The only thing I knew about life was that I was in the process of making something out of my life by studying nursing.

It was in 2008 when I first met my first love. It was a hidden relationship that lasted for about a year. Back then, I can still remember that the overall climate about being a lesbian in the world was not a very warming and welcoming one. I was in the closet. No one knew of my relationship with her or me being gay but people suspected.

It’s amazing to think that in a matter of less than 10 years from the time I came out until now, the acceptance of the LGBTQ community has changed a lot. There’s so much more LGBTQ influences today compared to 2009 when I came out.

Within the last 10 years, so many celebrities have come out of the closet. So many films and literature have been created based on members of the LGBTQ community. Some examples of these include Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Andy Mack, etc.

I will not be surprised if the previous LGBTQ generation before me and my own will look at today’s young members of the community and think that they have it easier (which is a good thing). At least, people like me can know that the effort that we’ve contributed to making the LGBTQ community more accepted in society has paid off. There are now job protections, gay marriage, more society acceptance, health resources, and other things available to the community that wasn’t there before. Times are changing and I hope that things will only get better.


Author: Thoughts Of A Queer Asian

Thoughts of A Queer is a site that started back in 2009 as an outlet for me to write about my Coming Out story and my journey as a queer Asian woman. When not writing, I work in the healthcare field, tend to my dogs and cat, and live happily with my wife in our beautiful home.

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