What’s It Worth Coming Out Of The Closet?

When I “came out of the closet” and proclaimed to the world that I self-identify as a lesbian, there were only 2 things that I expected. I was going to be accepted by my loved ones or not. When I was beginning the process of coming out, I immediately thought of the worst case scenario.

I strongly believed that my family was going to reject me, kick me out of the house, and leave me be to suffer all alone. I risked everything that I believed in by doing so, and luckily enough, I did not experience my worst fears related to coming out. My family accepted me.

“Be true to yourself, and ask yourself this question: Is it really worth staying in that cramped, dusty closet filled with fear and self-loathing and denial? There’s more to life than hiding, and that my friend, is living your life the way you want freely without fear and self-denial.”

I came out of the closet for the following reasons:

  • I couldn’t handle hiding it anymore
  • I wanted to accept this part of myself for once in my life
  • I wanted to be truthful to myself
  • I didn’t want to hate that part of me anymore
  • I wanted to be free from the burden of hiding this part of me

After I came out, it was a great feeling. I felt like I was in cloud nine. I felt like a heavy burden was lifted off my back. It was a euphoric feeling. I conquered my fear of hiding this part of me. I finally accepted who I am wholeheartedly.

When coming out, however, do think of the consequences that may affect you if you think doing so would put you in a bad way, such as being sent to a gay conversion therapy session, ex-gay Christian camp, kicked out of the house and be left on the streets, etc. Be mindful of coming out if it will initially leave you in a bad situation. Otherwise, it is worth doing it. Accepting this part of you is not bad. Society influences you to think that this part of you is unacceptable.

We are loved. We are special. We love like everyone else. We bleed red like everyone else We eat, sleep, sh** just like everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with being lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer, etc. We are okay.

Author: Thoughts Of A Queer Asian

Thoughts of A Queer is a site that started back in 2009 as an outlet for me to write about my Coming Out story and my journey as a queer Asian woman. When not writing, I work in the healthcare field, tend to my dogs and cat, and live happily with my wife in our beautiful home.

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