How Do You Deal With The Questions During A Family Get-Together

It’s that time of year when we get to see our relatives again together under one roof, like your cousin Jay or Uncle Boy or even Auntie Baby. It’s sometimes great if you don’t see them most of the year, but the consequences of that are the “questions”. Your relatives love you too much, so all at once, they pour out their love to you in form of hugs, kisses, gifts, and the “questions”. Continue reading “How Do You Deal With The Questions During A Family Get-Together”

Eating Disorders In The LGBTQ Community

Is it just me or do I notice that gay men are more fit overall compared to lesbian women? Everywhere I turn my head, there is not one day where I don’t see a gay man’s picture or article that shows their good-looking physique. Another thing I’ve noticed is that, lesbians are portrayed as a bunch of chunky people. My goodness, does that mean that gay men take care of themselves, but lesbians don’t? For our transgender and bisexual brothers and sisters, they don’t seem to fall into this extreme too much compared to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. Continue reading “Eating Disorders In The LGBTQ Community”

What Asian Parents Say About Being LGBTQ

Parents, you can love them or you can hate them. They can love you, support you, nurture you, or they can hate you, neglect you, and ignore you. They can be the most protective figures in your life, or they can be one of the worst things to ever happen to you. They can be your greatest cheerleaders ever, or they can be the most unsupportive individuals you will ever meet. Continue reading “What Asian Parents Say About Being LGBTQ”

10 Questions Gay People Get Asked Everyday

It’s amazing how people’s curiosity can bring out the types of questions gay people get asked daily. I used to find some of these questions annoying, but now, I get a kick out of it whenever someone asks me any of these questions. Here are some of my answers to the questions below: Continue reading “10 Questions Gay People Get Asked Everyday”

LGBT Community Visibility and Social Media

Because of social media, outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, blogs, twitter and tumblr have all contributed to making the LGBT community more visible. What I find very amazing is the fact that a lot of LGBT people in these outlets are part of the younger generation. Continue reading “LGBT Community Visibility and Social Media”

When Parents Start To Understand Who You Are

When I came out to my parents, I knew right away that they would not understand about me. Even before I came out, they never said anything positive about anything LGBT related whatsoever. My parents only you that you should be a good person, marry someone of the opposite sex, and have grandchildren. Continue reading “When Parents Start To Understand Who You Are”